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Cutting edge labs


EvoSens uses cutting edge resources to develop client projects: an electronics lab, and optical lab, a design office, and a clean room.

Electronics lab

This lab is equipped for the production and testing of electronic boards. Tools: oscilloscope, function generator, soldering and desoldering equipment, non-destructive testing, etc.

Optical lab

This lab is equipped for the development of models and experimental demos: optical benching, imaging, measurement devices. Tools: Phasics SID4 wavefront analyser, Ocean Optics USB2000+ES 220-1080nm spectrophotometer calibrated for radiometry.

Design office

Optical CAD: Zemax. Mechanical CAD: SolidWorks. Electronic CAD: LT Spice, Eagle. Simulation tools: Solidworks thermal, GetDP, Scilab, Octave. Computer development tools: Labview2010, python, linux, TI msp430, Ti OMAP4, C++, etc.

Clean room

Evosens has class 10 000 clean rooms for optical systems manufacturing, equiped with laminar flow station, UV curing, Binocular,...